Questions that have been asked


  • Attending 1 class per month “drop in rate” – R130
  • Attending 1 class per week for a month – R395
  • Attending 2 classes per week for a month  – R730

You can purchase a single class at the “drop-in” rate of R130 to “test the waters”. If you decide after your first class that you would like to continue then you are welcome to purchase any of the above monthly bundles. Bundles are purchased at the beginning of each month and are only valid for that month, unused classes do not carry over into future months. (banking details on request).

  • 4-7 years (30 minutes) – R800 for 10 lessons
  • 8-12 years (45 minutes) – R880 for 10 lessons
  • Teenagers (60 minutes) – R960 for 10 lessons

You can purchase a single class at the “drop-in” rate of R100 to “test the waters”. Unused classes do not carry over into future months. (banking details on request).

Please enquire about our additional parent and child yoga classes (age 3-5 years).

If this is your first time attending a yoga class I would suggest you make use of one of the spare mats in my studio. However if you love doing yoga then I suggest you invest in a mat of your own. Mats vary in costs, if you are new to yoga I would recommend an inexpensive mat (at least 6mm in thickness) and as your practice progresses and your yoga experience deepens, you can invest in a more luxurious mat.

If you are new to yoga you may want to try once a week for the first month and then step it up to two classes a week. Over time you will find yourself doing some of the poses and sequences at home on your own as a way to increase and deepen your practice.

Please dress as comfortable as possible. Tracksuit pants or thick leggings are great. I would also suggest wearing loose tops. You may also find it less restricting without jewelry or watches. I also provide warm blankets for use during the relaxation or meditation section of a class.

Every yoga class begins with a brief relaxation followed by focused stretching exercises before embarking on the specific selection of classic hatha asanas (poses). All classes will include a pranayama (yogic breathing exercise) and conclude with a guided relaxation or meditation. Classes move at slower pace than you may have experienced in other styles of yoga as we focus on the pace of your breathing to gently transition between poses.

Yes! Hatha style yoga is a very appropriate form of prenatal yoga (post 13 weeks or end of 1st trimester) as most classes are slower and more gentle than a typical “Vinyasa” or “Bikram” style class.  It is always recommended to seek the advice of your medical practitioner before embarking on any new form of exercise.

There is no competition in yoga and you are only ever expected to do what feels right for you. If we do a pose that you feel you are not ready to do, then you are welcome to sit and watch. Most of my classes move at a slower pace which not only invites self reflection but the opportunity to deepen your yoga practice. I may from time to time introduce the Sanskrit name for a pose but for the most part I give all pose names and instructions in English so everyone can follow along.

No, yoga is the use of poses and breathing to create health and mindfulness.  Yoga embraces inherent unity and all forms of spirituality. Whilst it may have its roots in ancient India, yoga is practiced and enjoyed throughout the world by millions of people regardless of their religious beliefs or spiritual framework. I teach students from a variety of religious backgrounds and I am respectful to their personal spiritual journey.

The studio has a “no cell phone policy” in an effort to protect the privacy of others but also to ensure the studio is a peaceful and relaxed space for everyone. You will be asked to please turn off or silence your phone when entering the studio from the reception area.