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We provide a safe, serene and welcoming space where adults can explore and develop their own yoga journey and personal transformation. We look forward to providing you with an opportunity to connect with one another in a caring and nurturing space. At Simply Yoga you can enjoy the time to be focused on yourself in a beautiful and tranquil yoga studio located in the leafy suburb of Kenridge Heights.

Class types

Yoga for adults

Beginners Yoga

Monday 18:30 - 75 minutes

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga class provides an environment that is safe, effective, compassionate and non-competitive. A gentle Hatha style yoga class promotes balance and flexibility also stretching and aligning the body, raising your heart rate.

Tuesdays 18:30 - 75 minutes

Gentle Intermediate Hatha Yoga

Gentle Intermediate Hatha Yoga could include some vinyasa flow, to build strength, endurance, confidence and patience. It tones and detoxifies the body.

Wednesday 18:30 - 75 minutes

General Hatha Yoga

Ha + tha two syllables, which literally means sun and moon force. Hatha yoga balances the physical (sun) and mental (moon) energy through practicing classical and advanced postures, using body, breathing and cleansing techniques to improve physical and mental well-being.

Thursday 18:30 - 75 minutes

Pricing Packages

You can purchase a single class at the “drop-in” rate of R130 to “test the waters”. If you decide after your first class that you would like to continue then you are welcome to purchase any of the following monthly bundles. Bundles are purchased at the beginning of each month and are only valid for that month, unused classes do not carry over into future months. (banking details on request).

Once-off class

you pay R130

One class per week for a month

You pay R395

Two classes per week for a month

You pay R730

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Benefits Of Yoga

As an adult you have a busy life and it is important that you look after your body. To do yoga and make it part of your daily routine can improve not just your body but your mind too.

You can easily improve your flexibility, strength and posture. You can also increase your energy levels which in return will enable you to become more mindful. The daily life can put a lot of stress on an individual and yoga will be able to help you gain control of your emotions and overall help you take action to live a better life.

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Please refer to the pricing bundles and class types and times above before requesting a booking. Once you have filled in the form below, please allow for a day or two for our staff to get back to you to finalise your class dates and payment.

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